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Factors of Production


The factors of production include:

  • Land - resources and materials (e.g. farmland)
  • Labor - quality and quantity of workers
  • Capital - money, tools, assets…
  • Entrepreneurship - effectively using the resources above to produce new or improved products or technologies

Keep in mind that in the…

Did I ever tell you guys that when I was really overtired once, I made a blog explaining economics along with insight that the textbooks don’t tell you? I’ve decided to keep updating it, so I guess if you follow it, you will eventually get a PhD’s worth of college education out of me.

If you haven’t noticed, I reblogged this from my economics blog. It’s cheesy, I know, but if you have any interest in economics, I just thought I’d let you know it exists. If not, no worries. I understand the subject is not for everyone.

~ Crystal

Animal Drawing Commissions?

I’ve felt like drawing animals lately, so if you’d like me to draw your pet or an animal, I can do that. Just message me and we can work out the details.

Something like the hedgehog below (black/white, standard size sheet of paper) would be $20 plus $4 shipping to the U.S. and $7 anywhere else.

I also have standard sized scratchboard, which would cost $2 more and look like below:

*This particular wolf drawing is actually for sale

Let me know if you’re interested. There’s no harm is asking.
And obviously, there’d be no watermark on the actual drawing.

Thank you!

~ Crystal


This is my handwriting tag, and I just tried to have as much fun with it as I could, as you can see :)

I was tagged by: smilekiid and she is amazing and you all should go follow her and all the people I am about to tag are such perfect people and you should definitely follow all of them too :)

I decided to tag these ten people:
1. stickaroundnostalgia
2. complaintshere
3. promised-love
4. adorkablegeekster
5. afoolishtoaster
6. unxfixable
7. shaunsdecember
8. bassguitarsandbrainslugs
9. wethekingsfans
10. sodacansculptures

I am sure you all know you don’t have to do it, but I had fun with it and I think you all should all do it cause I would like to see what you do with it and who you guys tag :)

P.S. - Sorry if my drawings, handwriting, or mess ups suck.. I was really sucky and a screw up today :(

Welcome to another exciting episode of “Crystal Does Art and Offers to Sell It”.

Today’s featured article is a scale, real (kiln-fired) brick wall with Link from “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” painted on as a mural. I bought the bricks and paint and then did the rest myself (adhering bricks together, chopping bricks in half, and painting). It took multiple hours, and the bricks were expensive (I shopped around, too), if that puts the price into perspective.

It is for sale for $35 plus $5 shipping to U.S. and $12 shipping to anywhere else.

You can use it as a plaque, put it in a shadow box, give it as a gift to a Zelda and/or graffiti enthusiast, spray it with waterproof sealant and use it as a coaster, bury it for future generations of archeologists to find and be confused about, or whatever else you want. The possibilities are endless!

It is about 11.5 cm or 4.75 inches tall.

Just message me if you want it. I can always make more. :)

- Crystal


At my university, the meal plan gives each student a certain amount of vending machine credits. I had so many one semester that I just cleaned the machine of all its pretty energy drink cans and dumped the liquid down the sink because I just wanted the cans.

I am the reason China is starving.

My mother would be ashamed.

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