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Anonymous asked:

I'm flattered that you would follow me, I think your an amazing artist, and love everything I've seen so far. Sorry this isn't really a question I would have sent this as fan mail, but didn't have the option.

Aw, thanks. You are very kind. :)


Anonymous asked:

Do you think you would be able to make a garchomp or a mega garchomp?

Yes. I had actually put Mega-Garchomp on my list of sculptures (among 100 or 200 other Pokemon/characters from things) I had intended to make for fun on odd day where I had the time and just randomly felt like it.

If you would like to order Garchomp or Mega-Garchomp from me, you are certainly welcome to. However, I must inform you that it might take a few weeks, depending on how long it takes me to fully recover my motivation to do anything except lie in bed and cry, and also because I have a few orders pending that I am going to attempt to work on tonight because it’d be mighty rude of me to not complete the orders.

After I am done with exams and finish up orders, would anyone like to see a sculpture like this to capture the essence of the hive mind of Twitch Plays Pokemon? Or is this just a dumb idea?

I want to get all my Twitch Plays Pokemon sculptures out while they’re still relevant.

I was thinking of making the Unown more like a swirling vortex (like in Pokemon 3: The Movie) than a sphere. But should I make them a sphere?

Should they spell out anything or just be the alphabet? And if they spell something out, what should they spell?

TL;DR Recap:

  1. Do want or do not want?
  2. If want, swirling vortex or sphere?
  3. Spell something or just alphabet?
  4. If spell something, what do?

Opinions, please. Thanks.

~ Crystal

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